Ravenscroft Studio : Testimonials
We are both enthusiastic art lovers and living in London are somewhat spoiled for exhibitions and galleries but we were quite overwhelmed by Ruth Addinall's work. We had seen a small notice on the festival website advertising the open studio and although the studio was a little out of town and we wavered for a moment we thanked our lucky stars that we went.

We spent nearly two hours wandering among her wonderful work, paintings and sculptures - and she was so welcoming, the atmosphere both informal and yet profoundly engaging. We visited many exhibitions, shows, concerts and theatre whilst in Edinburgh but for us this was the highlight of our visit to the Edinburgh Festival in 2015.

Dr David Bell


Life meets Art in Ruth Addinall's modest suburban home, seamlessly blending cosy open-plan living with studios where she generates her art and teaches music. Many of Ruth's paintings and sculptures, some of which I am privileged to own, evoke a wistful, oblique perspective on the world: a fusion of thoughtful people, animals (especially birds), teasingly anthropomorphic flowers, cryptic coffee-cup motifs, and fresh-aired landscapes.

If you are lucky, you may be treated during your visit to one of the wild birds she has tamed, hopping in through the French window for their customary complementary raisin, from a compact fantasy-garden where finished natural wood and stone sculptures mingle with tantalising works-in-progress.



I first saw Ruth Addinall's work about 10 years ago, when she was living and working in the centre of Edinburgh. All walls and every available perch were occupied by paintings, mostly large, and it was clear that a bigger space would reveal much more of what was in her head and hands.

Not long afterwards Ruth moved to the outskirts of the city, to a house that provides not only a large studio but also a second space in the garden where she is able to pursue her other artistic outlet: sculpture in stone, wood and concrete.

I have visited Ruth's new studio on many occasions, sometimes for private viewings and sometimes when she has held a sale. To visit the house, with its delightful garden, offers an experience utterly different from the dry, still environment of the commercial gallery. Here you can see how Addinall lives and works, view a selection of the everyday, experienced objects depicted in her paintings, and glimpse some of the sources of her creativity. If your aim is to make the connection between artist, inspiration and art, there is no better place than this to accomplish it.

Alison Campbell